Memorial Wind Chimes - Eliminating The Bad & Embracing The Fortunes

Wind chimes are decorative pieces with immense significance in the world of feng shui and Vastu. They are believed to be capable of eliminating the bad feng shui or Vastu dosha and hence, are considered potential cures against probable bad luck or misfortunes. Furthermore, wind chimes Vastu and feng shui reveal the vast possibilities of effective utilization of wind chimes for capturing and distributing positive energies evenly in houses while simultaneously warding off negative chi or energy. Because of their enormous potential and magical abilities are often referred to as ‘magical bells’.

Where To Hang Wind Chimes Inside

Wind chimes should be hung in a place with a natural breeze, possibly a window or the balcony, as the chiming ushers in good luck to the inhabitants of the house. Wind chimes can be placed at the centre of a house since the chiming can be heard from all directions as this helps neutralize negative energies. Wind chimes Vastu speaks of installing them at the entrances. Guests whose arrivals produce melodious chiming sounds are considered auspicious. However, it is essential to note that these should not be hung from doors or near walls as they tend to disrupt the energy balance when these wind chimes hit the doors or walls. It is advised not to hang wind chimes in places where people directly sleep or sit under them. A wind chime at the bottom of a staircase prevents fortune and wealth, speeding down the stairs to run out of the house.

Where To Hang Wind Chimes Outside

Wind chimes can be placed in outdoor porches where a gentle breeze blows throughout the day. They can be installed in gardens as well though they should not be hung from trees. Instead, they are placing wind chimes just outside the front doors to help in distributing energy more effectively in all corners.

Bring Good Luck

Wind chimes are made up of various materials like metal, bamboo, crystal, ceramic, etc. Each of these acts in diverse ways to ward off bad luck and usher in prosperity in the house. It is, therefore, essential to figure out the suitable direction or place to hang wind chimes of the right materials in our home by following the wind chime Vastu and feng shui specifications, which, if violated, may prove harmful.

According to wind chime Vastu specifications, hanging wind chimes of any material in the west brings fortune and positivity to the house’s inhabitants. They also help boost the academic performances of children.

Hollow metal wind chimes hung in the northwest direction helps bring success and wealth in life. Moreover, it attracts positive chi or energy, thereby playing a crucial role in suppressing negative energies or bad luck.

Ceramic wind chimes hung in the southwest direction helps to improve the luck of romance and hence, are mainly considered beneficial for relationships.

Wind chimes placed in the north direction are known to bring in good luck and prosperity. Metal wind chimes made from aluminum, bronze, brass or copper hung in the West, North or North-West directions bring good luck, joy and fortune to the family members. Metal wind chimes are primarily known for suppressing negative energies or effectively cutting through any stagnant qi. Hence, they are widely used in houses and offices to ward off hard luck and welcome wealth and fortune.


Hang your Memorial Wind Chimes outdoors on the North/North West side of your house to bless inhabitants and guests with good luck and wealth. Anyone else need to remove theirs from the tree? ✋

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