How To Re-String Wind Chimes

How To String Wind Chime

In this article, we'll share how to easily restring a wind chime. We'll also review every step of a simple DIY wind chime project, in case you're interested in making wind chimes from scratch. We'll also show you a few ready-to-install chimes, just in case you decide against making your own.

A classic wind chime in a leafy backdrop.

How to restring a wind chime

If you have a broken wind chime, you can always repair the decoration instead of tossing it. After all, time and weather can really take their toll on even the most durable of wind chimes.

Gather what you'll need

To restring the chimes, you'll need a high-quality cord, a ruler and scissors.

Assess the damage

First, you'll want to replace any string that's frayed or otherwise damaged. If you wait too long, the thread could give out, and the chime could fall apart or break. Simply choose a high-quality, weather-resistant string like fishing line or nylon cord.

Pro tip: even if only some of the thread is damaged, we recommend replacing everything for a properly-functioning, well-balanced chime.

Start restringing

Remove the old string, then rethread the tubes or other pieces of the chime in the exact same way, but using new thread. 

You'll want to measure exactly what you need beforehand, and then cut your string accordingly.

Use an upholstery needle

Once your string is ready, use an upholstery needle so you can properly weave string through those long tubes. Needle-nose tweezers may also work. Measure as you go to make sure everything will look (and perform) as good as new.

Tie a sturdy knot

When tying knots on your replacement string, you need a sturdy knot that will stand up to the test of time. We actually add a touch of glue to our knots to ensure a strong one that won't break or come undone.

Test your work

You can test how well your wind chimes will function by giving them a soft ring with a tapping fork. This step will help ensure that when you hang your chime, it will ring just like it used to! If things sound a little bit off, you may need to restring one of the chimes again.

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